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arcadear‧cade /ɑːˈkeɪd $ ɑːr-/ noun [countable]  1 AATBBa covered passage at the side of a row of buildings with pillars and arches supporting it on one side2 ROAD/PATHSHOP/STOREa covered passage between two streets with shops on each side of it3 British English (also shopping arcade)BBTSHOP/STORE a large building or part of a building where there are many shops4 DLan amusement arcade arcade games
Examples from the Corpus
arcadeFor all the hype, this is really just a glorified amusement arcade with a few virtual-reality rides thrown in.From here, you couldn't hear the amusement arcades or the bingo callers.At arcade level, lie the tombs of past Bohemian kings.Inside appears the three-storeyed division of ground floor arcade, triforium and clerestory.There is a tall nave arcade and no clerestory.The cathedral has the traditional triforium arcade with two round arches under one larger one per bay and clerestory windows above.
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