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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharcanear‧cane /ɑːˈkeɪn $ ɑːr-/ adjective  SECRETsecret and known or understood by only a few people the arcane language of the law
Examples from the Corpus
arcaneAnecdotes of legal excess reflect the world we see around us and add a human dimension to an otherwise arcane issue.It is not exactly arcane knowledge.the arcane language of lawyersThe arcane language of the Treaty of Tlatelolco needs a little clarification.They evoke romantic images of humming orchard hives and summer sweetness, presided over by veiled eccentrics steeped in arcane lore.Merely reading what some one has written is less commendable than saying the same thing for arcane reasons.They wore helmets suggestive of the heads of flies, and their black silks were embroidered with arcane silver hieroglyphics.They noted that he was a master of arcane tax jargon, not an area that gets the blood racing.Written on the boxes is all manner of strange titles, fantastic claims and arcane technical terms.
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