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archeryar‧cher‧y /ˈɑːtʃəri $ ˈɑːr-/ noun [uncountable]  DSOthe sport of shooting arrows from a bow
Examples from the Corpus
archeryShe excelled at archery and won an Olympic silver medal at the London Games in 1908.Before, archery was a series of flights of shooters aiming at a target and counting up their scores.These include birds of prey flying demonstrations, morris dancing, archery tournaments and car rallies, to name but a few.The boy, Allen of the Dale, taught her archery.They had never heard of religion and were interested only in archery and swift horses.Langston, a sophomore at Mountain View High, started in archery when she first lived here.A record dated 1665 shows that at that time the archery contests were held over 4 days.
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