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architecturear‧chi‧tec‧ture /ˈɑːkətektʃə $ ˈɑːrkətektʃər/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun  1 [uncountable]AA the style and design of a building or buildingsarchitecture of the architecture of Venicemodern/classical/medieval etc architecture2 [uncountable]AA the art and practice of planning and designing buildings He studied architecture at university.3 [uncountable]DESIGN the structure of something the architecture of DNA4 [countable, uncountable]TD technical the structure of a computer system and the way it worksarchitectural /ˌɑːkəˈtektʃərəl◂ $ ˌɑːr-/ adjective architectural featuresarchitecturally adverb Architecturally, Chengdu is quite different from most of China.
Examples from the Corpus
architectureThis may relate to its revival in the garden, where the style, as architecture, first secured a footing.Rottmayer played an important role in Czech architecture between 1918 and 1939.City Hall is a fine example of Gothic architecture.This forced on builders a simple form of Gothic architecture.Secular remains of Gothic architecture in Czechoslovakia are fewer.medieval architectureMinerals are understood in terms of their molecular architecture.She's studying architecture at college.We spent most of our time in Barcelona just looking at the architecture.The architecture for a balanced-budget deal is largely in place.The architecture and culture feel pleasantly familiar and the friendly atmosphere makes Tenerife particularly attractive.And the rooms pull a few surrealistic tricks with their architecture.modern/classical/medieval etc architectureCompetitors felt, as events were to prove with considerable justification, that official opinion favoured classical architecture.The austerity and uniformity of much modern architecture made sculpture superfluous.Contrary to one of the fantasies of modern architecture, brick and masonry buildings are far more flexible than concrete, steel-framed ones.Between the wars the idea of modern architecture was a heroic adventure which could actually improve man's condition.The foundation of the Camden Society in 1839 had promoted much more careful study of medieval architecture.The current architectural debate has served to polarise popular opinion on modern architecture.There is, however, apart from these regional differences, a similarity about most Scandinavian Medieval architecture.Now, thanks to modern architecture and a porous defense, neither is a problem.
From Longman Business Dictionaryarchitecturear‧chi‧tec‧ture /ˈɑːkətektʃəˈɑːrkətektʃər/ noun [uncountable]1the style or design of a buildingmodern architecture2the study and practice of planning and designing buildingsStirling went to Trinity College to study architecture.3COMPUTING the design of the different parts inside a computer and the way they work togethersoftware application architecture client/server architecture
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