Language: Old English
Origin: arisan


a‧rise S3 W2 past tense arose past participle arisen [intransitive]
1 if a problem or difficult situation arises, it begins to happen:
A crisis has arisen in the Foreign Office.
More problems like those at the nuclear power plant are certain to arise.
2 if something arises from or out of a situation, event etc, it is caused or started by that situation etc:
Several important legal questions arose in the contract negotiations.
arise from/out of
Can we begin by discussing matters arising from the last meeting?

when/if the need arises


should the need arise

formal when or if it is necessary:
Should the need arise for extra staff, we will contact you.
4 literary to get out of bed, or stand up
5 literary if a group of people arise, they fight for or demand something they want
6 literary if something arises when you are moving towards it, you are gradually able to see it as you move closer

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