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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharistocratar‧is‧to‧crat /ˈærəstəkræt, əˈrɪs- $ əˈrɪs-/ noun [countable]  HIGH POSITION OR RANKsomeone who belongs to the highest social class
Examples from the Corpus
aristocratIts founder was Paul Thiry, Baron d'Holbach, an aristocrat by acquisition not birth.And his manner was, if I may say so, more relaxed, almost like an aristocrat.He was promoted by the emperor, made an aristocrat, and be-came wealthy.Even those involved in Victorian retail trade needed to be saved, perhaps as much as intellectuals and aristocrats.The importance of the mandarins made them look to Western eyes rather like aristocrats.In flaccid prose Shaftesbury rambles on with an air of affected conversational ease which projects the persona of the patronising aristocrat.I had only once or twice done jobs for high SenFed aristocrats or, for royalty.
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