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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharistocraticar‧is‧to‧crat‧ic /ˌærəstəˈkrætɪk◂, əˌrɪs- $ əˌrɪs-/ adjective  HIGH POSITION OR RANKbelonging to or typical of the aristocracy syn noble an aristocratic family
Examples from the Corpus
aristocraticHe spoke with an aristocratic accent.Pamela came from an aristocratic background.When their eyes meet she envisions the fulfillment of her dream of marrying a man with aristocratic connections not from Middlemarch.The Oscar Wilde trials of 1895 condensed representations both of aristocratic debauchery and the corrupting effects of foreign morals.BDe Mori is a handsome man with light blue eyes and a high, aristocratic forehead.Lachrymose comedy represented an attitude opposed to the aristocratic one.He was a dour Yankee, tall, confident, elegant, with a dry wit and aristocratic tastes.I could hardly go to the home of this aristocratic young woman with stubble on my face.
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