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armamentar‧ma‧ment /ˈɑːməmənt $ ˈɑːr-/ noun  1 [countable usually plural]PMW the weapons and military equipment used by an army nuclear armaments2 [uncountable]PMW the process of preparing an army or country for war by giving it weaponsdisarmament
Examples from the Corpus
armamentIt is the principal supplier of investment goods and armaments and an increasingly important producer of consumer and export goods.And it was early enough for Britain's arms makers to refer to it in their autumn armaments promotions.The basic armament consisted of twin Vickers K machine guns mounted front and rear.Conventional naval armament based on surface strength has become largely ornamental.It evoked a huge and apparently permanent armament industry, now wholly dependent... on government contracts.In effect, Elector Counts carry a Runefang as part of their standard armament.The submarine tragedy reminds us that armaments and related technologies remain the main sump that diverts funds from essential human priorities.Economic restrictions to industry should only apply to those connected with armaments.
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