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armaturear‧ma‧ture /ˈɑːmətʃə $ ˈɑːrmətʃər/ noun [countable] technical  1 TPEthe part of a generator, motor etc that turns around to produce electricity, movement etc2 TIPa frame that you cover with clay or other soft material to make a model
Examples from the Corpus
armatureHe sees the script as an armature.Margarett takes a fistful of clay and presses it to an armature made of wire and wood.There he will create a towering bronze armature to which various body parts, heroic in size, will be affixed.In the earlier work the circular, arching and swinging elements are played off against an angular, somewhat disjointed pictorial armature.In the Structure of the armature is the beginning of her idea of what he looks like.Marriage to her was the armature of my ego; remove the armature and I might topple like clay.
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