armed S3 W3
1 carrying weapons, especially a gun [≠ unarmed]
The Minister was kidnapped by armed men on his way to the airport.
The prisoners were kept under armed guard.
armed with
The suspect is armed with a shotgun.
She got ten years in prison for armed robbery (=stealing using a gun).
The President fears that armed conflict (=a war) is possible.
There is very little support for an armed struggle (=fighting with weapons) against the government.
a heavily armed battleship
Many of the gangs are armed to the teeth (=carrying a lot of weapons).
2 having the knowledge, skills, or equipment you need to do something
armed with
She came to the meeting armed with all the facts and figures to prove us wrong.
I went out, armed with my binoculars, to see what I could find in the fields.

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