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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharmfularm‧ful /ˈɑːmfʊl $ ˈɑːrm-/ noun [countable]  HOLDthe amount of something that you can hold in one or both armsarmful of an armful of books
Examples from the Corpus
armfulSo I gradually amassed armfuls of small twigs, which I carried back to my cave.Sweet Kip, she called him, presenting him an armful of irises and tulips.She imagined herself turning up at Alan's bedside with an armful of freesias and went hot all over.Marge trailed behind him with an armful of hastily gathered clothing.Julius returned several minutes later, with an armful of blankets.There were women who had armfuls of them.He reckoned the armful of red roses would have cost the policeman his week's wages.When she came into the house with armfuls of lilies, he complained that the house looked like a church funeral.
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