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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharound-the-clockˌaround-the-ˈclock adjective [only before noun]  round-the-clock
Examples from the Corpus
around-the-clockShe will need around-the-clock care for the rest of her life.I prepared an around-the-clock chart detailing all my care requirements.Ms. Jennings requires around-the-clock medical care.Verio provides around-the-clock network monitoring and technical support with all promotional packages.
around the clockaround the clock (also round the clock British English)CONTINUE/NOT STOP all day and all night without stopping Kim has been working round the clock to finish it in time. clock
Examples from the Corpus
around the clockRescuers are working round the clock to find survivors of the blast.Since the outbreak of war, journalists have been working round the clock.The modification work continues around the clock.I was on planes or e-mail around the clock, seven days a week.A houseful of people watched me around the clock, which only made me more determined.The emergency telephone lines operate around the clock.Between them they provide a mix of outreach and on-site services around the clock.That many trips around the clock means each minute hand has traveled the equivalent of 10,677 miles.The company worked around the clock to repair the problem.Men from the Royal Engineers and local contractors have been working around the clock to make the barracks habitable.For the past 4 days, they've been working around the clock and through the night.
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