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arrayar‧ray1 /əˈreɪ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 [usually singular]GROUP OF THINGS a group of people or things, especially one that is large or impressivearray of a dazzling array of flowers a bewildering array of optionsa vast/impressive/wide array There was a vast array of colours to choose from.2 TD technical a set of numbers or signs, or of computer memory units, arranged in lines across or down
Examples from the Corpus
arrayEmployees shuffle into the training room for a three-to six-hour session featuring an array of information.An array of Navajo rugs recently held center stage in the Showcase Gallery.The big essential oil suppliers stock a bewildering array of essences.The prisoner nodded faintly at the array of somber faces.They had increasing difficulty in providing even tolerably competent candidates for the array of provincial posts reserved for them.An adult has a vast array of comparatively complex schemata that permit a great number of differentiations.It was never clear whether there was actually a Fifth or whether the whole array was simply devised in order to confuse Tehran.a vast/impressive/wide arrayAs an Empire player you can choose from a vast array of infantry types.Because they had so much more energy available to them, cyanobacteria exploded into a vast array of different forms.Clearly no government can legislate for such a wide array of circumstances, let alone attempt to enforce such legislation.In a conversation that ranged far beyond the movie, Fairchild revealed a wide array of interests.The book includes a wide array of misguided movie reviews.The class enemy, the bourgeoisie and its allies, wielded a vast array of ideological weapons designed to mislead the proletariat.The karate repertoire has a vast array of technical kicks.University and college libraries enable the enquiring mind to range freely over a vast array of literature.
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arrayarray2 verb [transitive]  1 literaryPUT ON CLOTHES to wear particular clothes, especially clothes of good qualityarrayed in something She came in arrayed in all her finery.2 literaryARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETC to arrange something in an attractive wayarrayed on something make-up arrayed on the bathroom counter3 formalPM to put soldiers in position ready to fight Grammar Array is usually passive.
Examples from the Corpus
arrayThe princess arrayed herself in her best clothes and jewels.Most languages, when arrayed in order, offer a rhythmic transition series or sensory structure.Certainly when Johnnie Armstrong arrived for his meeting with the king he was arrayed in the most ostentatious items from his wardrobe.Nikulin's medals were arrayed on a cushion at the foot of his coffin.In front of this already fatigued force were arrayed some of the best-equipped and best-trained troops in the world.She even managed to array the girl in shining armor.She pushed open the door and saw a small counter before her arrayed with pieces of leather and a variety of lasts.arrayed in somethingNo doubt he took his seat in the Dail arrayed in a coat of many colours and of many shreds and patches.They are a distinguished-looking bunch, particularly when arrayed in all their blue, gold and scarlet finery for some official function.Most languages, when arrayed in order, offer a rhythmic transition series or sensory structure.I approach until I can see the velvet petals arrayed in radial symmetry.Certainly when Johnnie Armstrong arrived for his meeting with the king he was arrayed in the most ostentatious items from his wardrobe.Three o'clock found them ready and waiting, arrayed in their most festive attire.arrayed on somethingThe town was nothing more than a handful of buildings arrayed on either side of the highway.Lightning rods, carpentry, and brickwork-all were spelled out, arrayed on legal-sized paper across seventeen numbered sections.
From Longman Business Dictionaryarrayar‧ray /əˈreɪ/ noun [countable]1a range of many different thingsavast array of electronic and consumer products2COMPUTING a set of computer memory units arranged in rows across or downa device that stores massive amounts of computer data on arrays of disk drives
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