Date: 1400-1500
Origin: arrear 'backward, behind' (14-18 centuries), from Old French arere, from Vulgar Latin ad retro 'to the back'


ar‧rears [plural]

be in arrears

if someone is in arrears, or if their payments are in arrears, they are late in paying something that they should pay regularly, such as rent:
Many people are in arrears with their rent.
be four weeks/three months etc in arrears
The rent money is two months in arrears.
fall/get into arrears (=become late with payments)
2 money that you owe someone because you have not made regular payments at the correct time:
We've got 3 months arrears to pay.
rent/mortgage/tax arrears
He was ordered to pay rent arrears of £550.

paid in arrears

British EnglishBEW if your salary is paid in arrears, it is paid at the end of the period you have worked:
a salary paid monthly in arrears

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