Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: ariver, from Vulgar Latin arripare 'to come to shore', from Latin ad- 'to' + ripa 'shore'


ar‧rive S2 W1 [intransitive]

get somewhere

to get to the place you are going to:
Give me a call to let me know you've arrived safely.
arrive in/at
What time does the plane arrive in New York?
arrive late/early
He arrived late as usual.
By the time the police arrived on the scene, the burglars had fled.

be delivered

if something arrives, it is brought or delivered to you [= come]:
The card arrived on my birthday.


if an event or particular period of time arrives, it happens [= come]:
When her wedding day arrived, she was really nervous.

something new

if a new idea, method, product etc arrives, it begins to exist or starts being used:
Since computers arrived, my job has become much easier.

be born

to be born:
Sharon's baby arrived just after midnight.

arrive at a decision/solution/compromise etc

to reach a decision, solution etc after a lot of effort:
After much consideration, we have arrived at a decision.


somebody has arrived

used to say that someone has become successful or famous:
When he saw his name painted on the door he knew he'd arrived!

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