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arrive at a decision/solution/compromise etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharrive at a decision/solution/compromise etcarrive at a decision/solution/compromise etcDECIDEto reach a decision, solution etc after a lot of effort After much consideration, we have arrived at a decision. arrive
Examples from the Corpus
arrive at a decision/solution/compromise etcHowever, the parties involved were prepared to have their heads hit together to arrive at a solution.In such a case, some form of conflict resolution must be adopted to arrive at a solution.My colleagues and I, after much consideration have arrived at a decision.Now, she thought, now we shall get things done, sort things out, arrive at a solution.Using committees internally to overcome restrictions on information and thereby arrive at a decision.They spent time arriving at a decision on the correct software.He arrived at a decision, threw the cigarette away, and turned towards a small depressing row of agricultural cottages.He finally arrived at a compromise with her, which was that he could have three independent, non-civil servant, advisers.
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