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arrowheadar‧row‧head /ˈærəʊhed $ ˈæroʊ-/ noun [countable]  PMWthe sharp pointed end of an arrow
Examples from the Corpus
arrowheadAnd they were going to put them in the shape of an arrowhead.And arrowheads and other debris excavated from the ruins indicate that Qumran, too, opposed the Romans by force of arms.She very kindly hung a string of five flint arrowheads around my neck.They are tall and sharp and bony and their faces are chipped into expressions that never change, like flint arrowheads.First the St Sebastian triptych, all finished, down to the last arrowhead and gobbet of blood.Now you, too, can learn to make arrowheads just like the prehistoric Arizonans did.This is the shattered arrowhead working its way out, making all kinds of trouble.The arrowheads demarcate the two antibody positive bands with estimated M r of 43 and 45K.
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