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Art Deco

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Art DecoArt Dec‧o /ˌɑːt ˈdekəʊ $ ˌɑːrt ˈdekoʊ/ noun [uncountable]  AVa style of art and decoration that uses simple shapes and was popular in Europe and America in the 1920s and 1930s
Examples from the Corpus
Art DecoNote too the typical rhomboidal treatment of the ceiling, almost Art Deco in feel, but again a Bohemian invention.Hardy sprinkles little gold flakes that simultaneously float atop this buzz-maker and match the spectacular, cavernous Art Deco ambiance.Recent commissions have included design influences from traditional Victorian to geometric Art Deco to Mackintosh in a wide variety of hardwoods.Further, its Art Deco settings ensure that the film is jagged with visual style.Monumental Art Deco and this riot of materials and colours led nowhere, however.I bought it in instalments from a man in the village; it was a wonderful Art Deco radio which proved indestructible.
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