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art form

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishart formˈart form noun [countable]  1 a way of expressing ideas, for example in a painting, dance, piece of writing etc Music is quite unlike any other art form.2 make/turn something into an art form
Examples from the Corpus
art formProtest itself has become an art form since the end of General Franco's dictatorship.The first two made the guidebook into an art form after 1830.To avoid simultaneous borrowing and depositing you should monitor how accurate your forecasting is, without turning this into an art form.A Peter Lindbergh fashion photograph is an art form she gets to be part of.These old properties represent an age when craftsmanship in building reached an art form.Drama is both a creative art form in its own right and an instrument of learning.Music is quite unlike any other art form.
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