Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin ars


1 noun
Related topics: Arts
art1 S1 W1
1 [uncountable] the use of painting, drawing, sculpture etc to represent things or express ideas:
an example of Indian art
contemporary/modern art
the Museum of Modern Art
art form, fine art, performance art
2 [plural, uncountable] objects that are produced by art, such as paintings, drawings etc:
an art exhibition
an art critic
an arts and crafts fair
The exhibition features 175 works of art.
3 [uncountable] the skill of drawing or painting:
He's very good at art.
an art teacher

the arts

[plural] art, music, theatre, film, literature etc all considered together:
Government funding for the arts has been reduced.


also the arts [plural]SE subjects you can study that are not scientific, for example history, languages etc [↪ humanities]
6 [uncountable and countable] the ability or skill involved in doing or making something:
Television is ruining the art of conversation.
Writing advertisements is quite an art (=it is difficult to do).
have/get something down to a fine art (=do something very well)
I've got the early morning routine down to a fine art.

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