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arterialar‧ter‧i‧al /ɑːˈtɪəriəl $ ɑːrˈtɪr-/ adjective  1 HBHinvolving the arteries arterial blood2 TTR[only before noun] an arterial road is one of the main roads in a city, country etc
Examples from the Corpus
arterialDoes the arterial blood gas fit with simple compensation, or is a mixed disorder present? 5.However, an exact diagnosis can only be made by obtaining the arterial blood gas values.Is there anything uglier in the whole landscape than an arterial by-pass road, except an airfield?Animal fats and refined sugar contribute to a weight problem and can be a factor in heart and arterial disease.This can happen with chronic diabetes or arterial disease.Unlike Chan etal, we found no significant relation between alcohol consumption and arterial P co 2.One client from each surgery had bilateral ulceration but clients with critical limb ischaemia and arterial ulceration were not included.By instigating a calcium deficiency inside the cells, the drugs cause muscles lining arterial walls to relax.
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