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Arthurian Legend

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishArthurian LegendAr‧thu‧ri‧an Le‧gend /ɑːˌθjʊəriən ˈledʒənd $ ɑːrˌθʊər-/  old stories about King Arthur, which were first told more than 1000 years ago, and are found in Welsh, English, French, and German literature. Arthur became king of Britain when he succeeded in pulling a sword called Excalibur out of a stone – something that only the person who would be king could do. Arthur is known for being brave, fair, and morally good. His court at Camelot was famous for bravery, chivalry, and magic which was practised by the magicianMerlin, and the sorceressMorgan le Fay. There, at the round table, sat the bravest knights in the land, the knights of the round table. These knights included Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot, and Sir Bedivere. Arthur’s power began to fail when he discovered the love between his wife, Guinevere, and his best friend, Lancelot, and the knights began the long search for the holy grail (=the cup used by Jesus Christ at his last meal) which was finally found and brought back by Galahad. Arthur’s strength then returned and he went into battle to save Britain from Mordred, an evil knight. Arthur killed Mordred, but he was seriously wounded. He gave Excalibur to Bedivere and ordered him to throw it into a lake. When he did this, the hand of the lady of the lake appeared from under the water, caught the sword, and disappeared under the water with it. Then three women arrived on a boat and took Arthur to the island of Avalon to die. It is said that Arthur will return if Britain is ever in danger again.
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