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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharticlear‧ti‧cle /ˈɑːtɪkəl $ ˈɑːr-/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable]  1 TCNnewspaper/magazine a piece of writing about a particular subject in a newspaper or magazinearticle on/about an article on environmental issues The paper’s leading article (=the main article) described the government as weak. newspaper articles2 THINGobject formal a thing, especially one of a group of things syn item household articles She only took a few articles of clothing with her.see thesaurus at thing3 LAWlaw a part of a law or legal agreement that deals with a particular point Article 1 of the constitution guarantees freedom of religion.4 SLGgrammar technical a word used before a noun to show whether the noun refers to a particular example of something or to a general example of something. In English, ‘the’ is called the definite article and ‘a’ and ‘an’ are called the indefinite article.5 articles6 an article of faithCOLLOCATIONSNOUN + newspapera newspaper articleHe writes newspaper articles in the Guardian.a magazine articleThe couple talked frankly about their joy at having a new baby in a magazine article published yesterday.a feature article (=one about a particular subject)I wrote a few feature articles on sporting events.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + articlea good/excellent/interesting articleThere was an interesting article on Russia in the paper today.the leading/lead article (=the main article)Look at this leading article from Newsweek’s business section.a front-page articleThe protest followed a front-page article in the Herald three weeks ago.an in-depth article (=one that is detailed)Each issue contains in-depth articles and photographs.verbswrite/do an articleThe Times have asked me if I will do an article on the election.read/see an articleIt was good to see such an intelligent article on censorship.publish/carry/run an article (=print it in a newspaper or magazine)The magazine carried an article on the dangers of being overweight.an article appears in a newspaper/magazineA couple of articles appeared in local papers, but nothing else.
THESAURUSarticle a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine about a particular subjectGreg began his career writing articles for the college magazine.an interesting newspaper articlestory an article in a newspaper about a recent event, especially one that a lot of people find interesting or excitinga front-page storyI read a newspaper story about the crash.The local paper ran a story (=published a story) about the festival.piece a short article in a newspaper or magazineI’ve written a couple of pieces for the New York Times magazine.The piece was first published in the Observer.feature a special article about a particular subject, often with photographs and continuing for several pagesThey had a special feature on Croatia.The paper did a big feature on growing your own food. review an article in a newspaper or magazine about a book, play, product, hotel etc, giving someone’s opinion of itThe play had rave reviews (=people liked it a lot - an informal use).Did you see the review of the new Coldplay album?column an article by a particular writer that appears regularly in a newspaper or magazineHe has a weekly column in the Times.She writes a newspaper column on gardening. editorial a piece of writing in a newspaper that gives the personal opinion of the editor about something that is in the newsSeveral years ago the New York Times published an editorial stating that the appropriate minimum wage is $0.00.cutting British English an article that has been cut from a newspaper or magazineHis mother has kept all his old press cuttings.
Examples from the Corpus
articleThe country signed the treaty but then violated each of its 143 articles.He shows up in a 1947 article by William L.. Shirer.He spent extravagant sums for blockbuster articles by and about celebrities, and launched a circulation war against Life and Look.A song, after all, is a copyrighted article, one that generates revenue for both the label and the artist.Each article has a written history printed on a card below the display.She didn't take much with her, just a few articles of clothing and a towel.Most of our wedding presents were household articles.There was an interesting article in the LA Times about bullying at work.He had once read a magazine article about it in the dentist's office.A recent Governing magazine article about at-risk youth illustrated the importance of a holistic approach.They will seek to persuade journalists to support their client's case in appropriate newspaper articles.Prisoners may receive some personal articles from their families.Did you read that article on the Middle Eastern peace process?The fee for this article will be used to help finance it.In this article, as the title suggests, I shall deal in detail with a rather specific topic.If you are suffering from a rogue tank then this article may help in locating the problem.He began his career writing articles for the college magazine.leading articleIts leading article reminded me of Commander Courtney's warnings.Then came the news that the Daily Mail compositors had refused to set an offending leading article.Particular items like cartoons and horoscopes often had high readerships; leading articles did not.Special attention is paid to leading articles and reports of political speeches.articles of clothingIn exchange they eagerly proffered jade adze blades as well as weapons and articles of clothing.She didn't take much with her, just a few articles of clothing.She will gain entrance to the text through a consideration of how articles of clothing function for women and for men.He pleaded guilty to two charges of theft of articles of clothing.The SHTRAYml, like other articles of clothing, is an instance where the restriction was turned into an ornament.Casually remove articles of clothing throughout the course of the meaL Insult your companions.For men, as she shows, articles of clothing signify a specific bond between them.
From Longman Business Dictionaryarticlear‧ti‧cle /ˈɑːtɪkəlˈɑːr-/ nounLAW[countable]1one part of a law or legal agreement, especially a numbered partArticles 2 and 3 of the Constitution2articles [plural] in Britain, a period of training with a firm of SOLICITORs which someone who wants to be a lawyer must complete before they can become fully qualifiedAfter graduation, she returned to her father’s solicitor’s practice to take her articles.