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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishartyart‧y /ˈɑːti $ ˈɑːrti/ British English, artsy /ˈɑːtsi $ ˈɑːrt-/ American English adjective 🔊 🔊 1 ART/CULTUREsomeone who is arty knows a lot about art, film, theatre etc – often used to show disapproval 🔊 He was one of those arty types.2 intended for, or used by people who are interested in art, film, theatre etc 🔊 an arty film 🔊 Paris’s arty Marais district
Examples from the Corpus
artyHe probably comes across as arty and a bit careless, but it's much worse than that.That orange dress would be lovely at a party, but it makes you look a bit arty and hippy.Filmgoers, unfortunately, are subjected to the unnecessary trauma of seeing the brutal crime depicted from arty camera angles.It's a cool drinking venue, with a noir dress code observed by the arty crowd and staff.Jake's having a party for all his arty friends.Major and I were great pals; he thought I was the farthest thing from an arty type.Phil goes out to dig Denver and gets hung-up with arty types.
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