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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishartyart‧y /ˈɑːti $ ˈɑːrti/ British English, artsy /ˈɑːtsi $ ˈɑːrt-/ American English adjective  1 ART/CULTUREsomeone who is arty knows a lot about art, film, theatre etc – often used to show disapproval He was one of those arty types.2 intended for, or used by people who are interested in art, film, theatre etc an arty film Paris’s arty Marais district
Examples from the Corpus
artyHe probably comes across as arty and a bit careless, but it's much worse than that.That orange dress would be lovely at a party, but it makes you look a bit arty and hippy.Filmgoers, unfortunately, are subjected to the unnecessary trauma of seeing the brutal crime depicted from arty camera angles.It's a cool drinking venue, with a noir dress code observed by the arty crowd and staff.Jake's having a party for all his arty friends.Major and I were great pals; he thought I was the farthest thing from an arty type.Phil goes out to dig Denver and gets hung-up with arty types.
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