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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishasas1 /əz; strong æz/ ●●● S1 W1 preposition, adverb  1 used when you are comparing two people, things, situations etcas ... as Tom’s not as old as you, is he? an old woman with hair as white as snow Some of the doctors are paid almost twice as much as the nurses. We work as hard as any other team in England. Please let me know your decision as soon as possible (=as soon as you can). His last album sold half a million copies and we hope this one will be just as (=equally) popular.2 used to say what job, duty, use, or appearance someone or something has As a parent, I feel that more should be done to protect our children. A flat stone was used as a table. Dad dressed up as Santa Claus.3 used to say what someone thinks or says a person or thing is The problem is regarded as serious. The result of last week’s election will be seen as a victory for the right-wing government. He’s described as being in his late teens, tall, and of slim build.4 when someone was in a particular age group As a young man, Eliot had studied art in Paris. I’ll take you to all the places I loved as a girl. such as at such(2), → as one at one2(15)USAGE: As, like, as if/thoughUse as in comparisons in the expression as ... as, with an adjective or adverb in between:Basketball is as popular as football here.He can’t sing as well as his brother.As is also used after be the same (age/size etc):He is the same age as me.Do not use as on its own before a noun or pronoun in comparisons. Use like:A movie is not like a book.Like other people, he values his privacy.Don't say: A movie is not as a book. | As other people, he values his privacy.Use as if/as though before a clause describing an imaginary situation:He talked to them as if they were children.Some people also use like in this way, although this is often considered to be incorrect: They act like they own the place. Do not use as if/as though directly before a noun. You say:You treat him as if he were your servant.Don't say: You treat him as if your servant.
Examples from the Corpus
asPaul McGann will star as a middle-class Jewish lawyer in a new BBC drama called 'Fish'.Clint Eastwood was excellent as the strong, silent hero in his many westerns.just asMukhamedov's defection two years ago, just as Communism was falling apart, will not be forgiven in a hurry.He has a record to defend, just as Dole does.New applications and new accounts rose just as dramatically.Pastor Braun started whistling again, just as firmly.The phone rang just as I was leaving.And, just as important, how is your partner feeling?The shapes of the flowers are just as intriguing.She was glad when Westerfield church hove into view and sensed that he was just as relieved.I thought I might just as well come down to the point.You can uses cherries instead of plums - they work just as well.
asas2 ●●● S1 W1 conjunction  1 COMPAREused in comparisonsas ... as They want peace as much as we do. Helen comes to visit me as often as she can. I can’t run as fast as I used to.2 XXin the way that someone says or that something happens, or in the condition something is in Do as I say! We’d better leave things as they are until the police arrive. The money was repaid, as promised. He did not need to keep moving house, as his father had. Roberta was late as usual (=in the way that she usually was).3 used to say that what you are saying is already known or has been stated before David, as you know, has not been well lately. As I explained on the phone, your request will be considered at the next meeting. As Napoleon once said, attack is the best method of defence.4 DURINGWHENwhile or when I saw Peter as I was getting off the bus. As time passed, things seemed to get worse. Just as the two men were leaving, a message arrived.5 BECAUSEused to state why a particular situation exists or why someone does something As it was getting late, I turned around to start for home. We asked Philip to come with us, as he knew the road.see thesaurus at because
6 ALTHOUGHthough Unlikely as it might seem, I’m tired too. Try as she might, Sue couldn’t get the door open. As popular as he is, the president hasn’t always managed to have his own way.7 as for somebody/something8 as yet9 as if .../as though ...10 it’s not as if11 as it is12 as from/of something13 as against something14 as to something15 as it were16 as is/was/does etc17 as you do not as such at such(8), → as well at well1(5), → as well as at well1(6), → might (just) as well at might1(9), → so as to do something at so2(3)
Examples from the Corpus
asHe ran into the road just as a car was coming.Be patient with your puppy as he adjusts to his new home.There was a shocked silence as he spoke.The phone rang just as he stepped out of the shower.James decided not to go out as he was still really tired.As I said earlier, this research has just started.The sensor uses an infrared beam to "read" a vehicle's exhaust emissions as it drives past.As smart as Jake is, he doesn't know how to manage people well.As soon as I pulled in, the engine went dead.I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.Leave things as they are until the police arrive.As we were leaving, Carole and her friends arrived.as ... asAs with any guidebook, especially one which covers an area as large as this, you can pick out numerous faults.Battles over the monetary and literary estate of the Fresno author began as soon as he died of cancer at age 72.For top executives, the discount can be as high as 30 percent or 40 percent.He knows it as well as his coat size.In the decade ending in 1989, the developed world grew only one and one-half times as fast as the developed world.It was three times as high as he was.Otherwise his last years are as obscure as his earliest.Ranchers must buy feed from as far away as Michigan.as usualThe big beasts of medical ethics have been locking horns, the rationalists against the religious as usual.Dorothy arrived late as usual.Sam was in a bad mood as usual.There will be discounts available for students as usual.He'd be for the high jump, as usual.It was what the shearmen in the woollen manufacture, who did not work at home, regarded as usual.It will soon be back to business as usual.Maisha and Tiger meet us outside baggage claim, and Maisha is looking terrific as usual.Otherwise, it was life as usual, and I was being a dutiful daughter and a good sister.And probably the truth is, as usual, double.The children, as usual, stayed behind.As usual, there was far too much food.
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