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as a matter of course/routine

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas a matter of course/routineas a matter of course/routineUSUALLYif something is done as a matter of course or routine, it is the correct and usual thing to do in a particular situation We will contact your former employer as a matter of course. matter
Examples from the Corpus
as a matter of course/routineThey are very learned about cooking in San Francisco-people seem to expect as a matter of course things which we consider luxurious.Voters expected as a matter of course that candidates would not keep all their promises.Blood samples should be taken to measure the client's electrolyte and urea levels as a matter of routine.If they meet as a matter of course throughout the year they can review and plan on a regular basis.Their general health is better and they do not suffer repeated or unwanted pregnancies as a matter of course.Enemy redoubts were strewn with booby traps as a matter of course.Search at the police station should not be undertaken as a matter of routine but only where justified under Lindley v. Rutter.By May first, I was able to walk from ten to twelve yards as a matter of routine.
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