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as a matter of fact

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas a matter of factas a matter of factspoken used when adding more details about what you have just said ‘Have you had many visitors yet?’ ‘No, as a matter of fact you’re the first.’ I knew him when we were in college – as a matter of fact we were on the same course. matter-of-fact matter
Examples from the Corpus
as a matter of factAs a matter of fact, I have the woman's name written down somewhere.And, as a matter of fact, the U. S. Golf Association was delighted.The wife of a prominent banker, his own banker as a matter of fact, said the banker liked mashed potatoes.You know as a matter of fact there is nothing as old as crookedness.Saw her awhile back at the Community Theater, as a matter of fact.Yes, it seemed to, as a matter of fact.It rained all weekend, as a matter of fact, and on the Monday morning I got a shock.Well, as a matter of fact, I heard he's still going out with Julie.We all were, as a matter of fact.I like almost all women, as a matter of fact.
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