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as a matter of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas a matter of somethingas a matter of somethingbecause of a particular belief or quality He invited her as a matter of courtesy. As a matter of fairness, he should be allowed to give his version of events. matter
Examples from the Corpus
as a matter of somethingGovernors were kept informed but as a decision of the headteachers rather than as a matter of right.Before the Act the courts had, as a matter of sentencing practice, isolated two different types of affray.They have agreed to look into the pensioner's plight as a matter of urgency if Miss Early gets in touch.Ford executives are reluctant to say as matter of corporate policy.He hit the deck, moulding himself into the shadow as a matter of conditioned reflex.So, as a matter of fact, did Ted Tollner.In the Court of Appeal the majority held that, as a matter of construction, the clause did not apply.Beauty mainly torments us, as a matter of fact.
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