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as a whole

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas a wholeas a wholeALL/EVERYTHINGused to say that all the parts of something are being considered together This project will be of great benefit to the region as a whole. whole
Examples from the Corpus
as a wholeI hope that this allocation reflects the wishes of the House as a whole.They interact as wholes, not as bits.I do not see it like that, and I am sure that the nation as a whole would not either.But the divide on issues between Bush and the people as a whole remains spectacular.The U.S. population, as a whole, is very mobile compared to other countries.Capitalists were forced to concede the wage rises which for the system as a whole were needed to sustain accumulation.We should also think about the problems of the world as a whole, which cause mass migration in the first place.
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