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as is/was/does etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas is/was/does etcas is/was/does etcformalLIKE/SIMILAR used to add that what you have said is also true of someone or something else Eve’s very tall, as was her mother. I voted Labour, as did my wife. as
Examples from the Corpus
as is/was/does etcNow he desires, as is but right, that my dowry should be returned with me.In fact, as is clearly illustrated by this data, inequalities are relatively consistent throughout childhood.For his contemporaries, Gloucester clearly filled a double role, as is illustrated by his dealings with the city of York.The classic Sinatra phrasing remains intact, as does that easy-breeze delivery.It was a small, intimate gathering that was assembled, as was the custom among nice Atchison families.The human was now seen as a biomechanical machine, as was the entire universe.It is as unique in its way as was the original White Paper.And as is the way of things in nature, given sufficient heat and hammering, the result is forged steel.
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