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as it is

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas it isas it isa) TRUEbecause of the situation that actually exists – used when that situation is different from what you expected or needed They hoped to finish the kitchen by Friday, but as it is they’ll probably have to come back next week. b) NOWalready Just keep quiet – you’re in enough trouble as it is. as
Examples from the Corpus
as it isJust keep quiet - you're in enough trouble as it is.She is not looking for the divided subject but seeking to understand why the unified subject we have is as it is.Some of them are barely surviving as it is.Why start an argument? You're in enough trouble as it is!Quota sampling is widely used in market research as it is cost-effective.It lives in large family groups and is said to be as shy as it is fearsome-looking.About as hot in Washington as it is in Managua this morning.The middle-class in the center of concern in these novels, as it is in sentimental comedy.Faxing the stuff, may prove awkward as it is on 2 large A3 sheets.For the historian it is equally illegitimate to overlook what they had in common as it is to neglect the differences.We were saving money to go to Hawaii, but as it is we can only afford to go on a camping trip.We were hoping to finish by 5 o'clock, but as it is, we'll be lucky to finish by 8!
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