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as many

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas manyas manySAMEa number that is equal to another number They say the people of Los Angeles speak 12 languages and teach just as many in the schools.as many (...) as Grandfather claimed to have as many medals as the general. There weren’t as many people at the meeting as we had hoped.in as many days/weeks/games etc A great trip! We visited five countries in as many days (=in five days).twice/three times etc as many The company now employs four times as many women as men. many
Examples from the Corpus
twice/three times etc as manyThere are now over 11 million shareholders, three times as many as in 1979.It has three times as many as the Metropolitan Museum in New York.Verio currently operates nearly three times as many business Web sites as its closest competitor.And there are three times as many non-religious right voters in the Republican party compared with the religious right.About three times as many people complained about high food prices as about high drink prices.But this would require three times as many pixels to get the same resolution as monochrome.There are thought to be about three times as many species of insect as of all other kinds of animal put together.Wild defeated Gardner at Upton, gaining nearly three times as many votes.
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