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as opposed to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas opposed to somethingas opposed to somethingOPPOSITE/REVERSEused to compare two things and show that they are different from each other Students discuss ideas, as opposed to just copying from books. opposed
Examples from the Corpus
as opposed to somethingAnother point is to give the medication on a scheduled as opposed to an as-needed basis.Let the stretch the absolute from your leg as opposed to being your leg.Analysts believe that the healthy results can be attributed to an increase in trade as opposed to interest rate fluctuations.The tax system favors the very rich as opposed to ordinary working people.The mindset is to go after the person complaining, as opposed to the issue.It stumbled commercially, reaching only No. 28, as opposed to the No. 2 peak of the first album.Melville uses the eyes of the whale to suggest something of the duality of nature as opposed to the Singularity of man.The squarish wings, as opposed to the swept, triangular variety, suggests A-10s or 37 fighter-trainers.
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