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as/so long as

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas/so long asas/so long asa) used to say that one thing can happen or be true only if another thing happens or is true You can go out to play as long as you stay in the back yard. b) used to say that one thing will continue to happen or be true if another thing happens or is true at the same time As long as we keep playing well, we’ll keep winning games. long
Examples from the Corpus
as/so long asAs long as you're just sitting there, come help me with the groceries.Wet wood can recover as long as it dries out relatively quickly.Why did they not know that as long as they did not speak, he was all right?Pam stayed awake as long as she could.You can go as long as you're home for dinner.At the least, officials said, the move will postpone implementation of the program for as long as six months.Fortunately Scott was reasonably obedient as long as some one kept a close watch over him.His fame will remain undiminished as long as the game of cricket is played.It's quite possible you won't even realise this, so long as you each mirror the same changes.It is not a wasted experience as long as it can be purged of negative overtones.This is three times as long as the Canon's heads, so I haven't included replacements in the page costs.
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