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as soon as

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas soon asas soon asimmediately after something happens, without delay As soon as she entered the room, she knew there was something wrong. I’ll come over to your place as soon as I can. soon
Examples from the Corpus
as soon asI came as soon as I heard the news.He reappeared as soon as the battlefield situation improved.I can't see any way out but a subscription list, to be organised as soon as possible.She had three husbands, the first with political aspirations whom the Democrats dumped as soon as she did.The hospitals rush these lower-paid workers on the hospital floor as soon as possible.The index then rose steadily during the recession itself, but fell as soon as the recovery got under way.There are still a few more places available if you are interested please send to the Office as soon as possible.We can arpeggio kids to bored distraction, and they will give up the instrument as soon as they can.Yet sentiments such as this were inevitable, as soon as politicians had agreed to make the monster Dome a public project.