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as soon/quickly/much etc as possible

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas soon/quickly/much etc as possibleas soon/quickly/much etc as possibleVERYas soon, quickly etc as you can I need the money as soon as possible. Sharon always does as little work as possible. The original features of the house have been preserved as far as possible (=as much as possible). possible
Examples from the Corpus
as far as possibleIt would seem sensible, therefore, to try and avoid using them as far as possible.Such representations have to be very carefully researched, ensuring that as far as possible every detail is correct.I was determined to live as far as possible in the now.Although expressiveness is maintained as far as possible, it has to be sacrificed on occasions in order to insert new subjects.It should be resisted as far as possible, or at least amended to remove its subjectivity.This stage aims to simulate, as far as possible, the actual conditions on the production line.Depreciation and interest need to be traced, as far as possible, to products.Obviously a retrofit should move as far as possible toward a coal designed boiler.
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