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as though

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas thoughas thougha) in a way that makes you think something is true syn as if It looks as though everyone else has gone home. b) in a way that might make you think something was true, although you know it is not true syn as if She stared at me as though I were a complete stranger. though
Examples from the Corpus
as thoughEither way, it looks as though 103 Dalmatians may now be out of the question.Smitty jumped as though he had been struck.Bill looked as though he wanted to say something.This Condition requires that the Insured acts with the same degree of care as though he was not insured.Whlist I was asleep I suddenly felt as though I wanted to see a woman.Now it looks as though its indifference may turn to acceptance.Icy cold yes, there was something cold about all of her, as though she always pushed heat away.But by mid-August it looked as though the tests really would take place in the next couple of weeks.
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