Language: Old English
Origin: eallswa; ALSO


1 preposition, adverb
as1 S1 W1
1 used when you are comparing two people, things, situations etc
as ... as
Tom's not as old as you, is he?
an old woman with hair as white as snow
Some of the doctors are paid almost twice as much as the nurses.
We work as hard as any other team in England.
Please let me know your decision as soon as possible (=as soon as you can).
His last album sold half a million copies and we hope this one will be just as (=equally) popular.
2 used to say what job, duty, use, or appearance someone or something has:
As a parent, I feel that more should be done to protect our children.
A flat stone was used as a table.
Dad dressed up as Santa Claus.
3 used to say what someone thinks or says a person or thing is:
The problem is regarded as serious.
The result of last week's election will be seen as a victory for the right-wing government.
He's described as being in his late teens, tall, and of slim build.
4 when someone was in a particular age group:
As a young man, Eliot had studied art in Paris.
I'll take you to all the places I loved as a girl.

➔ such as

at such (2)

➔ as one

at one2 (16)

as, like, as if
Use as in comparisons in the expression as ... as, with an adjective or adverb in between Basketball is as popular as football here. He can't read as well as his is also used in the expressions not so .... as and the same (...) as I wouldn't go so far as that. He is the same age as me. Use like in comparisons followed by a noun A movie is not like a book (NOT not as a book). Like other people (NOT as other people), he values his privacy. Use as if followed by a clause to compare a real situation with an imaginary situation He talked to them as if they were children.!! Some people use like in this sort of comparison They act like they own the place. It is better not to do this as many people think it is incorrect.!!as if cannot be followed directly by a noun You treat them as if they were your parents (NOT as if your parents).

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