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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishascendancyas‧cen‧dan‧cy, ascendency /əˈsendənsi/ noun [uncountable] formal  POWERa position of power, influence, or controlascendant moral ascendancyascendancy of the ascendancy of nationalist forcesascendancy over Butler established ascendancy over his critics. He slowly gained ascendancy in the group.in the ascendancy a teaching method that is currently in the ascendancy
Examples from the Corpus
ascendancyThe U.S. gained ascendancy after World War II.My view is that he combined two qualities that were, at the time of his ascendancy, regarded as mutually exclusive.Certainly there was abundant evidence as to how the centre-left had lost its entrenched intellectual and ideological ascendancy.The retreat of Marxism has been paralleled by the ascendancy of the New Right.Lilov denied that this demonstrated the ascendancy of party conservatives.The former now seem to be in the ascendancy.Wolves were very much in the ascendancy after that.Another political reality is the ascendancy of the Republican Party.gained ascendancyThus the dinosaurs themselves probably gained ascendancy in precisely this fashion.
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