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ashtrayash‧tray /ˈæʃtreɪ/ noun [countable]  ashtray.jpg DFTa small dish where you put used cigarettes
Examples from the Corpus
ashtrayNow, though the office air is clean, the butt-crammed ashtray outside testifies that smoking is far from stubbed out.She came up with a routine for visiting the tables, and even managed to empty a few ashtrays.She brought the square glass ashtray with the name Oglethorpe College-I 898 closer to tier.She is the woman with the lapis-lazuli ashtray in her all-white bathroom.I came over to give him a hug and noticed a cigarette still burning in the ashtray on the desk.He notices, on the outer surface of the ashtray, a diagram of the shifting pattern of the four-speed transmission.I've broken all the ugly ashtrays and pots.
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