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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaspirinas‧pirin /ˈæsprɪn/ ●●○ noun (plural aspirin or aspirins) [countable, uncountable]  MDa medicine that reduces pain, inflammation, and fever
Examples from the Corpus
aspirinSo, if you're popping down a daily aspirin, keep the pop music down too.At my house Jasper kept an electric razor, a toothbrush, and he saw to it that I always had aspirin.On the other hand, aspirin is safer, cheaper and more readily available than most drugs.Still, caffeine is not aspirin.A couple of cookies are as good as a couple of aspirin.The proportion receiving aspirin within the first 24 h may be substantially lower.Any patient who has vascular disease should be on long-term aspirin.Meye etal reported that tight junctions in the canine gastric mucosa were significantly damaged by exposure to aspirin.
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