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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaspiringas‧pir‧ing /əˈspaɪərɪŋ $ əˈspaɪr-/ adjective  [only before noun] hoping to be successful in a particular job, activity, or way of life aspiring young writers the aspiring middle classes
Examples from the Corpus
aspiringAs an aspiring bestselling author, he could do with the publicity.The picture that emerged was unflattering; but it wasn't much use to an aspiring blackmailer.The number of aspiring candidates increased in the 1970s, but so too did the number of seats fought.a part-time course for aspiring chefsHe is not convinced that having read them aspiring managers can go away and teach themselves to be good leaders.The question of management and legal representation for aspiring new-comers is just as valid in publishing as it is in recording.Like a lot of aspiring New York artists, Lara worked in bars and restaurants in the evenings.The World Cup illustrated what high standards our aspiring outside-halves must achieve.There are other ways for aspiring stars to catch the attention of a record company.
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