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assass /æs/ noun [countable]  1 STUPID/NOT INTELLIGENT not polite a stupid annoying person syn foolHe’s a pompous ass.make an ass of yourself (=do something stupid or embarrassing)2 HBHRUDE/IMPOLITE American English not polite the part of your body that you sit on3 HBA old use a donkey arse1, → get your butt/ass in gear at gear1(8), → haul ass at haul1(5), → kick ass at kick1(8), → kick somebody’s ass at kick1(7), → kiss somebody’s ass at kiss1(6), → be a pain in the ass at pain1(3), → piece of ass at piece1(24), → smart arse, → work your ass off at work1(30)
Examples from the Corpus
assI heard him on TV. He's such an ass.I fell down on my ass.She took a great deal of satisfaction in seeing the pompous old ass upset.
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