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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassemblageas‧sem‧blage /əˈsemblɪdʒ/ noun formal  1 [countable]GROUP OF PEOPLEGROUP OF THINGS a group of things collected togetherassemblage of a unique assemblage of wildlife2 [uncountable +of]MAKE when parts are put together in order to make something
Examples from the Corpus
assemblageJoining this amazing assemblage of talent is Crawdaddy-O.We are not just an assemblage of chemicals or a mindless machine.an assemblage of scholarsInsectivore molars from category 5 predator assemblages are even more dramatically digested.There can be said to be at least three groups of predator assemblage distinguishable by this form of analysis.This compares with only three species in the predator assemblage, with 66 percent consisting of a single species.Buckyballs, of buckminsterfullerene, are soccer-ball-shaped assemblages of 60 carbon atoms.The assemblage halted not far from Tansy.
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