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assembly line

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assembly lineasˈsembly ˌline noun [countable]  TIFa system for making things in a factory in which the products move past a line of workers who each make or check one part
Examples from the Corpus
assembly lineTwenty-four hours may be adequate in a laboratory, but not on an assembly line.The particle approach to writing is based on a philosophy of teaching and learning that has been likened to an assembly line.He was proud of his fully mechanized assembly line and wanted to show it off.The inherent frustrations of assembly line work are also to be found in housework.Manufacturing engineer working on assembly line design.A group of Benn's assembly line girls came in, joined them for half an hour, and went out again.The philosophy of the assembly line was to break down the work into simple elements that required no special training.Bureaucracies brought the same logic to government work that the assembly line brought to the factory.
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