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assetas‧set /ˈæset/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 [usually plural]BF the things that a company owns, that can be sold to pay debtsin assets a corporation with $9 billion in assets the value of a company’s assets2 [usually singular]ADVANTAGE something or someone that is useful because they help you succeed or deal with problems opp liability A sense of humor is a great asset in this business.be an asset to somebody/something I think Rachel would be an asset to the department. fixed assets, liquid assets
Examples from the Corpus
assetVerbal fluency is an asset and for some people spoken presentations are easy.Balance sheet - reduce an asset and a liability.In this variant the risk-free asset is replaced by the zero-beta portfolio.Laney continues to be a great asset to the company.A sense of humour is an important asset for any teacher.Currently, they have $6,230,000 in assets.At the time, Templeton had about $ 11 billion in assets.Star Banc is a bank holding company with about $ 9. 7 billion in assets.As more assets are purchased, this will drive up their price.The most powerful asset we have is our skilled, dedicated workforce.The lessor then purchases the asset and leases it to the lessee.in assetsKaiser in San Mateo, California, which manages $ 1 billion in assets.At the time, Templeton had about $ 11 billion in assets.Its domestic equity funds account for only $ 13 billion of its $ 145 billion in assets under management.The banking concern had $ 1. 4 billion in assets at Sept. 30.In California alone, all 773 credit unions hold $ 46 billion in assets.Star Banc is a bank holding company with about $ 9. 7 billion in assets.It was custodian to more than $ 900 billion in assets before the Harris purchase.A similar picture emerges when we examine the net flows arising from transactions in assets and liabilities.be an asset to somebody/somethingImmigrants are assets to our society.We should keep our house and garden in such a way that it is an asset to the neighbourhood.Responsible, self-disciplined people are an asset tO the community..This is an excellent database of medical knowledge that should be an asset to any household or office.Sovereignty is an asset to be used, deployed, exploited, committed and joined in partnership with that of others.An airfield that is an asset to the local community.Certainly the grace and old-world tradition of nut trees are an asset to any garden.It will permit the development of a city waterfront that would be an asset to a major city anywhere in the world.
From Longman Business Dictionaryassetas‧set /ˈæset/ noun [countable] ACCOUNTINGFINANCE something belonging to an individual or a business that has value or the power to earn moneyThe company has a tremendous asset - 50 hectares of real estate right next to an international airport. capital asset current asset fixed asset frozen asset hard asset intangible asset liquid asset net assets net current assets operating assets tangible asset underlying assets wasting asset
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