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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassistantas‧sis‧tant1 /əˈsɪstənt/ ●●○ W3 adjective   assistant manager/director/cook etc
Examples from the Corpus
assistantHe was a red-blooded assistant bank manager.Noll, an assistant coach with the Colts, was hired by the Steelers as head coach.The assistant commissioner reported troubles with the farmers, but much more with the labourers.Hurt was quickly hired, and several weeks later Friedman selected Harry Lawrence Clark as an assistant cryptographic clerk.The, the, the late director was pushed and knocked down I guess when he was assistant director.Calls to assistant general manager Mike Port came at a bad time.My mother is assistant principal at a school in Washington, D.C.
assistantassistant2 ●●○ W3 noun [countable]  1 WORKERsomeone who helps someone else in their work, especially by doing the less important jobs a clerical assistant2 SHOP/STORE British English a shop assistant personal assistant
Examples from the Corpus
assistantWinston got a job as assistant manager at Wal-Mart.Five days later, Lee, who was by then an executive assistant, was fired.The dentist had her assistant sterilise the instruments.He and his assistants hung around shopping malls and city streets, eavesdropping on whoops and hoots.He implies that pay and conditions for personal assistants rely on the exploitation of staff for their cost-effectiveness.Everybody had personal assistants whether they needed them or not.Other senior men took their personal assistants with them when changing jobs.In fact, the access badge given to Lakers public-relations assistant Raymond Ridder features a Clippers logo.Hughes, who was Mott's assistant, will now become head coach.a sales assistantLydia is the assistant to the Director of Finance.The assistant put them in a paper bag and Tom handed them to him.The goal of these assistants is to become something like the office computer guru.
From Longman Business Dictionaryassistantas‧sis‧tant /əˈsɪstənt/ noun [countable]JOB1 (also shop assistant), or sales assistant someone who sells things in a shop SYN sales clerk AmEa shop assistant in the men’s department of a large store2someone whose job is to help someone else of higher rank do their jobmanager Jean Cundy and her assistant Cherrie Elliottassistant toan assistant to a stud-farm managerI spoke to the assistant director.IBM’s assistant general manager administrative assistant clerical assistant executive assistant personal assistant3someone who works in a bank, office etc but who is not a managerBank assistants cannot afford to live on their current basic salary.
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