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assistant manager/director/cook etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassistant manager/director/cook etcassistant manager/director/cook etcMANAGERsomeone whose job is just below the level of manager etc assistant
Examples from the Corpus
assistant manager/director/cook etcThe, the, the late director was pushed and knocked down I guess when he was assistant director.He worked his way up from kitchen porter, assistant cook, employment at a casino and by painting and decorating.He started at the Town House in 1991, working as assistant manager from 1997 to 1999.West Ham's assistant manager Harry Redknapp has been another victim of a fans' fit-up.Employment Hotel managers and assistant managers held about 105,000 wage and salary jobs in 1994.She and assistant manager Lance Green had been instructed to improve profits at the expense of Burger King.Hotel managers and assistant managers strive to ensure their guests will have a pleasant stay.One of his teammates will be former Darlington assistant manager Tony McAndrew.
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