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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassociativeas‧so‧cia‧tive /əˈsəʊʃətɪv, əˈsəʊsiə- $ əˈsoʊ-/ adjective technical  reminding you of something else the brain’s ability to form associative links between different things
Examples from the Corpus
associativeThe exclusion of associative adjectives from predicative position is an automatic result.But elements of a more ambivalent, productive, associative approach to signification also exist within feminist psychology.And so rhetoric allows associative feminist psychologists to address psychology from outside, but from a recognizable and relevant perspective.A2 and M2 are the associative laws of addition and multiplication respectively.What could be the rules for the necessary associative learning processes?Again, the distributed associative memory model may well suggest efficient and plausible ways of doing this.Have these words formed some kind of associative network?
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