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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassortmentas‧sort‧ment /əˈsɔːtmənt $ -ɔːr-/ noun [countable]  MIXVARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSa mixture of different things or of various kinds of the same thingassortment of a wide assortment of friends an odd assortment of knives and forks
Examples from the Corpus
assortmentThe photographer also assembles an assortment of major public buildings whose poor designs have done their own damage to the city.The soldier received a parcel containing an assortment of shirts, biscuits, and canned food.On the floor was an assortment of boxes and packages.An assortment of furnishings and collectibles from all over the world will be available.Although the wheel has gone, the millpond is well maintained and is home to a great assortment of wildlife.I felt a mixture of emotions as I proceeded to unstrap my assortment of protective clothing and equipment.Neither the present occupants nor their noisy assortment of animals extended any kind of welcome to trespassers.odd assortmentHe brought in as ministers an odd assortment of incompetent relations and hangers-on.
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